Friday, July 24, 2020

It's Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 11 FULL RAW

Kim Soo-hyun has come to a step! Seo Ji-ji,
 who was really misunderstood - PART - 1

 [Juri player] Where do you smell alcohol? 
A collection of drunkards, more than imagined. - PART - 2

[Dalmoon kiss] Seo Ye-ji x Kim Soo-hyun, 
now my heart is shaking and how to count .... - PART - 3

Calligrapher Yak-son who heals sore 
Kim Soo-hyun♡ (ft. Healing Hug) - PART - 4

Kim Joo-heon x Park Gyu-young, a blind date! "
Do we want to talk about Moonyoung-Gangtae?"- PART 5

It's Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 11 FULL RAW

PART - 1       PART - 2       PART - 3       PART - 4

'It's okay with a psycho,' Kim Soo-hyun ♥ Seo Ye-ji, one two three... Keith "Happy birthday, I missed you"

In the tvN'Psycho But It's Okay' broadcast on the afternoon of the 25th, Moon Kang-tae (Kim Soo-hyun) ran to Go Moon-young (Seo Ye-ji) and kissed.

On this day, patient Park Ok-ran (Jang Ji-eun) visited the home of Go Moon-young (Jung Ye-ji). Looking at the firecrackers in front of the house, Park Ok-lan asked, "You are not going to have a cup of tea and what is your dragon?" While Moonyoung was preparing the car, Okran disappeared and watched the house.

"It's dead and dead," said Moon-young, who prevented the hell of abandoning the flowers that Moon Kang-tae gave him. "Why don't you care?" "I wonder if you're going to be lonely," Park Ok-lan said with a suspicious look. 

"Your dad tried to kill me today," Park Ok-ran said, "I'm a monster. I said that I should kill all the monsters and then I was upset that I should have killed my daughter." So I came to serve as a teacher and happy birthday. If you are alone on the same day today, you are lonely."

Park Ok-ran, who was a fan of Go Moon-young's mother, grabbed a sharp object and threatened Moon Young. However, Munyoung did not hesitate and grabbed the sharp part as Kang Tae did before, and the Okran was pulled out and the blood of Munyoung was sprinkled. 

Moon Gang-tae hurried into the car and headed to Moon-young. Moonyoung, who saw Kang Tae in a quiet house, smiled faintly, saying, "Moon Gang Tae?" Kang Tae, who jumped up and embraced the stairs at once, was relieved to say, "Ha good.

However, Moon Gang-tae visited Park Ok-ran. Munyoung threw away Kang Tae and said, "Are you here to catch the fleeing patient? You didn't want to see me because of me?" Then he said, "I was pushed by your brother and the patient, and it was the third priority."

Moonyoung, who went to the bedroom, recalled Park Ok-Lan and said, "Don't you have to be stabbed and lay down?" At that time, Kang Tae came into the bedroom and wrapped the cloth in the hand of an injured Moonyoung. "Why are you in your hands? It's a lot worse for you to say,'We are bad luck. Don't be bullshit," said Moon Young.

"I told you it was an important day today. You said I hated being alone." "When you can't control yourself, count up to three," said Moon Kang-tae. Counting one, two and three, Kang Tae kissed Moonyoung vigorously. 

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