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It's Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 10 FULL RAW


'Psycho Only' Kim Soo-hyun and Kang Ji-eun ran to protect the calligraphy.

In the tvN Saturday drama'Psycho But It's Okay', aired on the 19th, Moon Kang-tae (Kim Soo-hyun) running to protect Go Moon-young (Seo Ye-ji) from Park Ok-lan (Kang Ji-eun) was depicted.

On this day, Moon Sang (Oh Jung-se) was angry with Moon Kang-tae (Kim Soo-hyun) after knowing that he had traveled with Go Moon-young (Seo Ye-ji), and Moon Kang-tae was shocked by the state of the door saying, "I wanted to kill. Fell out. Ko Moon-young also watched this from a distance, and when the moon fell asleep after sleeping, Moon Kang-tae walked alone, and Koh Moon-young walked behind Moon Kang-tae.

Kang Kang-tae told Ko Moon-young, "Don't follow me now," and closed the door again, and Ko Moon-young said, "There was nothing you did wrong. It was an accident that you missed the day. I said, "You are innocent."

In response, Moon Gang-tae said, "I really want to die. I ran away from that thought. My brother knows it. You knew that." Then, "Why did you save me from that river that day. Just let me die. "I lived." Gomunyoung also shed tears at this.

After that, Moon-Tae Ko visited Kang-Tae again when Moon Gang-Tae didn't come home and said, "I thought, but it worked out well. Beat me like this. I want to live with you. You want to live with me. You want to play with me. "You can never lie in your eyes."

Then Moon Gang-tae said, "I woke up from a dream. It's my fault. I should have only seen you. I'm not going to stop you from the beginning. What should you have avoided from the beginning?

Gomunyoung said, "You're acting. If you look at me, you'll laugh. Why is that bad?" Moon Kang-tae said, "I'll ask. Get out of my life. Stop life and shake off."

Gomun-young said, "Lie. I did it before. I heard that my extinguished voice wasn't going. I just heard your words begging me to catch it. Don't go." However, Moon Kang-tae shook his hand and said, "You're a firecracker. It was a momentary event. I enjoyed it enough, so I can disappear without a trace." Ko Moon-young also cried sadly, saying, "I'm not a firecracker, it's a bomb. I'm going to kill it."

Moon, whose condition improved, was discharged to the home of Kang Soon-deok (Kim Mi-kyung), and Moon Gang-tae asked Nam Joo-ri to bring the baggage from Go Moon-young's house and headed to the house with the moon. As the door came, Kang Kang-tae hurried into the closet.

"I was wrong. I ran away when my brother fell into the water. I told you bad things if you were dead. I often imagined I wished I had an ordinary brother. I just did everything wrong." I'm sorry. Don't throw me away."

So the door came out of the closet and embraced Kang Gang-tae, saying, "Don't throw me away. Don't cry." The two of them returned to their old days. At that point, Nam Joo-ri, who visited Go Mun-young's house to pack his luggage, drunk with Go Mun-young and eventually got drunk.

Dr. Nam Joo-ri hit Gomun-young and fell, saying, "You're right. When I was young, I made bullying from my friends. The cursor took the man I liked. Knowing this, Lee Sang (Kim Joo Heon) came to pick up Nam Joo Ri, and Go Moon Young asked, "Do you like this? Am I good? Is this good? Who is first?

Lee Sang-sang replied, "It's good in different ways. It's not about numbering people. Everyone has different emotions."

The next day, Ko Moon-young was angry when he thought that he was a Moon Gang-tae when he heard the cell phone rang, but ran over it. Lee Sang-eun said, "Today is that day." Go Moon-young went to Kang Soon-deok's (Kim Mi-kyung)'s house and asked him to boil seaweed soup, saying "I asked you to come and eat for the last time."

Soondeok Kang smiled, "Congratulations. If you ask me to cook seaweed soup, it's a birthday." Go Moon-young ate deliciously. At that time, Lee Sang came in and was embarrassed to see Ko Moon-young. Lee Sang-eun presented a necklace, and Ko Mun-young wore a necklace and headed to Moon Gang-tae's room.

Ko Mun-young handed a revelation to Moon, saying, "Don't hesitate, give me the condition. I'm picking up my brother. I need a partner." Therefore, the door was called "Lie" and came back into the room.

In response, Ko Moon-young said, "Your real bad guy doesn't believe anything. Do you know the fairy tale of a shepherd boy? Do you know why the boy lied? I was bored.

Meanwhile, Park Haeng-ja (Jang Young-nam) told Moon Kang-tae who went to work, "I'm not with Hyung and Park Ok-lan (Kang Ji-eun) patients. At night, watch the patient. It's a little weird these days. After hearing this, Moon Kang-tae, who was watching Park Ok-ran, quarreled with Tae-hwan (Ear) and died the two.

King Oji, who came across this fact, said, "The artist Do Hee-jae may be Park Ok-lan." Ok-ran Park visited Go Moon-young as expected by Moon Kang-tae and said, "Happy birthday." 

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