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I live Alone "Rainbow members Seong-hoon and Son Dam-bi" Episode 355 RAW Full

I live Alone
 "Rainbow members Seong-hoon and Son Dam-bi"
Episode 355 RAW Full 

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In the MBC entertainment program'I Live Alone', aired on the afternoon of the 24th, Sung Hoon amarbling sister is not strangely awkward."

Then she said, "I'm still confused by my sister and sister," making everyone amazed. Narae Park was embarrassed by saying, "What are you talking about?" and Gian 84 said, "I often write a typo about my sister and brother in a cartoon."

Gian 84 surprised Dokyeon Jang, who was awkward, by suggesting, "Let's be friends only when there are two." Son Dam-bi laughed, "Oh, is there a secret for the two of us?", and Park Na-rae said, "I'm trying to be sad. I'm only friends with the two." However, Gian 84 confessed honestly, "I wasn't friends in the end. I couldn't because I was uncomfortable."

In particular, Seonghoon and Son Dambi robbed their eyes with a two-shot. When Sung Hoon prepared a banana before meeting Son Dam-bi, the members doubted, "Isn't it?" In addition, hot reactions such as "It seems to be dating without a celebrity" and "It's sweet like a lover who is being taught to drive".

The excitement exploded when Seonghoon stroked Son Dam-bi's head. As soon as the reaction to Sagwi came out, Park Narae gave a big smile by saying, "It is forbidden to in-house dating. I don't see anyone sending me. I want to see you for a long time."

Yeo Eun-pa' Narae Park-Hwasa, Han Hye-jin, who had appendectomy visited NEW House,'Sadly visited party'

Today (24th) at 6pm,'I live alone' released the third spin-off video on YouTube's official channel,'Nahon Sangdada STUDIO

'I Live Alone' releases a new spin-off video every week through the official YouTube channel,'Natural Assets STUDIO', and provides a different fun than the main broadcast. Last week, Yeo Eun-pa, who was planning a project to practice good influence, was drawn and said,'It will be fun. I'm looking forward to it' and'It's already fun. How are you waiting for a week? Netizens responded enthusiastically, such as feeling like real friends.

However, despite thorough preliminary preparations, the shooting was postponed due to the back injury of Hwasa (Maria) and acute appendicitis of Han Hye-Jin (Samantha).

In front of the door, Park Narae (Georgina), who makes bouquets with cheonyang peppers, and the weirdness and dazzling water level of Hwasa (Maria) are added to the 29th gold talk to make the atmosphere warm. Then, when the two of them arrived at Han Hye-jin's (Samantha)'s house, they brought out the beer, and Han Hye-jin (Samantha) said, "Are you crazy?" “I'm embarrassed,” said Hwa-sa (Maria), who noticed that the refrigerator wasn't delivered to her home on the fourth day of her move. Then I should drink it when it's cool.”

In addition, Park Na-rae (Georgina) and Hwasa (Maria) plunge into a giblet meal with Han Hye-jin (Samantha) behind, who cannot eat food due to surgery. When Park Na-rae (Georgina) was worried with the soulless expression saying, “How painful” was, Han Hye-jin (Samantha) said, “Do one thing. Whether you eat or worry,” he said, flying a stone fastball and looking like a real friend. Hwasa (Maria), who unleashes a storm, and Park Na-rae (Georgina), who works hard on the PPL, bring out delight.

Meanwhile, next week, Henry appears in the house of Han Hye-Jin (Samantha), and Han Hye-Jin (Samantha) sheds tears as if impressed and stimulates curiosity about the next episode.

The'Yeun Eunpa' spicy version, which delivers unprecedented fun with 29-karat gold talk and dizzy YouTube sentiment exceeding 19 gold, will be released on Friday at 6 o'clock on YouTube's official channel'Nahon Assetda STUDIO'. The "Yeun Eunpa" mild version that the whole family can enjoy will air at 12:50 today (24th) after the main broadcast.

Seonghoon, Gian 84, Son Dam-bi, and Jang Do-yeon help MBC's peach farmers in MBC'I Live Alone' (Plan Ahn Soo-young / Director Hwang Ji-young, Kim Ji-woo) broadcast on today (24th).

Rainbow members travel early in the morning for farm work that begins at dawn. Seong-hoon and Son Dam-bi, who left together, show that even though they show off their chemistry as much as their siblings, laughter and conversation continue to create a friendly atmosphere. In particular, Sung Hoon said, “I think it fits well” about Son Dam-bi.

Meanwhile, Gian 84, who went out to pick up Jang Do-yeon, expressed his worries by saying, "It's a big deal, what are you talking about?" Do-yeon Jang also sighs with the same heart. Following the awkward meeting, the two of them, who have only been in conversation, will say that “the conversation is exhausted” in constant silence, and they will go on a more difficult driving due to Gan 84, which is twice lost due to sighs and snow.

The two, who were struggling with awkwardness, gradually began to open their minds with breathtaking conversations between half-words and respectful words and unexpected gifts presented by Gian 84. Gian 84 even said to Jang Do-yeon, “Let’s be friends only when there are two,” and even makes an extraordinary suggestion, which raises expectations of whether two of the most ill-fated people will be able to reach their best friends.

The drama and the chemistry of the drama to be unfolded in the peach field can be found on MBC'I Live Alone', which will be broadcast today at 11:10 pm.

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