Thursday, July 30, 2020

I live Alone Episode 356 RAW

I live Alone Episode 356 RAW 

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'I live alone' Gian 84-Do-yeon Jang, picking peaches from'familiar siblings'

In MBC'I Live Alone' (planned by Soo-young Ahn / Director Hwang Ji-young, Kim Ji-woo), which will be broadcast tomorrow (31st), there will be a picture of Seong-hoon, Gian 84, Son Dam-bi, and Jang Do-yeon who helped out helping peaches.

In last week's broadcast, the appearance of various efforts, such as Gian 84 and Jang Do-yeon, who tried to break the awkward atmosphere, and exchanging drowsiness gum and flowers, were spread. However, driving left and right in Gian 84, which is twice lost, makes it impossible to relax. Jang Do-yeon, who arrived at the peach field after a twist, said, “I used up all my energy to speak.”

Following the return, the rainbow members begin a full-fledged helping hand and begin fighting with a huge amount of peach trees. Gian 84 and Do-yeon Jang, who seemed to be getting closer together, show off teamwork in picking peaches, and they move away again.

The two are set to wage'picking peach quickly' to change the atmosphere, and a warm confrontation that unleashes manners unfolds. However, contrary to the expectation that he would get along quickly, he decided to face a more intense skinship by penalizing a more intense skinship. Do-yeon Jang said, “It was a thrilling experience.” He added that he was curious about what the identity of the skinship would be and whether the two could escape from the awkward relationship.

Meanwhile, Seonghoon, Gian 84, Son Dam-bi, and Do-yeon Jang gather together in one place and unveil a new room. The four people who have worked hard all day while sweating all day are excited to show that they are showing a stronger chemistry.

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