Thursday, July 16, 2020

I live Alone " Mamamoo talks "Episode 355 RAW Full

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I live Alone " Mamamoo talks "Episode 355 RAW Full

'I live alone' Do-yeon Jang, the explosive air that I've been hiding? Stirring skills that everyone is surprised!

Jang Do-yeon's anti-war cooking skills will be revealed.

In MBC'I Live Alone' broadcast on today (17th), Jang Do-yeon's remarkable ability to float is revealed.

On this day, Do-yeon Jang ordered 2kg of his own and showed off his cooking skills. Jang Do-yeon, who said that he learned how to knit sashimi in the past, said, "It seems to be forgotten after a year has passed."

On the other hand, he doesn't panic even with small mistakes, and he continues to care for him and gradually finds pace. In the beginning, it seems that he is hesitant and hesitant, but he is curious about Jang Do-yeon's technique of making sashimi, which gradually restores the taste of the past.

In addition, Jang Do-yeon admires his skills and shows the essence of self-intoxication. She enjoyed serving sashimi with a glass of sashimi and finished the spicy soup with the remaining ingredients. Indeed, Jang Do Yeon-pyo Woo-Ruk Han Sang, who brings out the appetite, looks forward to what he will look like.

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