Thursday, July 2, 2020

I Live Alone Episode 352 Full RAW with immediate clip for your enjoyments

 I Live Alone Episode 352 Full RAW
with immediate clip for your enjoyments 

I live alone' Han Hye-yeon's Macau challenge → Lee Jang-woo, I'm camping alone'Home theater taste sniper'

Hye-yeon Han and Jang-woo Lee enjoyed life alone, and colored Friday night with laughter and healing.

MBC'I Live Alone' (Plan Ahn Soo-young / Director Hwang Ji-young, Kim Ji-woo), which was broadcast yesterday (3rd), recorded viewership ratings of 10.7% in 1st part and 10.3% in 2nd part (based on the Nielsen Korea metropolitan area), respectively. It was ground.

In addition, the 2049 viewership, the main indicator of advertisers and a key indicator of channel competitiveness, recorded the highest number through all channels of entertainment programs broadcast at the same time, with 6.6% for the first part and 6.6% for the second part (based on the Nielsen Korea metropolitan area). Show off the power of entertainment.

On the broadcast yesterday, the daily life of Han Hye-yeon, who challenged the Macau, and Lee Jang-woo, who enjoyed camping full of romance, unfolded.

On the other hand, "Nobody meets these days?" In a word of the teacher, a full-fledged love talk was ignited, and the honest talk was exercised. Even if he exhorts himself with the words of “I want to be good throughout” for the old lovers, he also unintentionally reveals his inner heart as a profanity that pops out unintentionally. Then, the viewers pressed the laughter button with a cool conversation that unleashed the status of the old lovers and their ideal.

After long hours of work, he completed an item that showed off his fashion sense and robbed viewers' attention. After that, he introduced a special table of kimchi fried rice added with sesame oil and sugar, and revealed a new concept diet recipe that climbs the stairs of more than 10 floors to the stairs.

On the other hand, Lee Jang-woo, who left for Hoofori after making a camper, showed a perfectly assimilated daily life in a fishing village. Appeared as a natural visual, he enjoyed the morning tea time while gazing at the seaside while running freely along the sea path and having a romantic life.

Following this, Lee Jang-woo, headed to the yacht site with equipment, plunged into the mussels of the natural mussels and plunged into the water without hesitation, but he laughed at the cold water temperature. However, he showed a reversal charm like'fishing youth' with his skillful skill in swimming mussels and swimming mussels.

I returned to the camper and went out to the cook room with my own mussel. Lee Jang-woo, who earned his reputation as a'flour chef', cooked with only natural ingredients, ranging from miso and red pepper paste to hand-crafted vegetables. He said, “It's not a courtesy of natural mussels” about healthy recipes.

In this way,'I live alone' vividly depicts the daily life of a man and woman enjoying summer in their own way. In addition to the unique sensibility of'Sussu' Han Hye-yeon and natural Lee Jang-woo, the human and friendly faces of the two people captured both fun and empathy.

In particular, Han Hye-yeon spent a busy time to enjoy the'Holo Life' and presented a lot of sights with special pleasure that only Tracer could feel. Jang Woo Lee also healed the romance of single men and women across the country and delivered healing to the home theater.

Viewers who watched the broadcast on the day said, “Lee Jang Woo's episode is fun. If you come out often,” he said, “it was relaxing and nice to be in a camping car”, “the guest best suited to my personality”, and “Shess is really funny”

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