Friday, July 24, 2020

How Do You Play Episode 53 Full RAW

How Do You Play Episode 53 Full RAW

《Special》 Stomach pain! Sprout's filming scene~ 
(feat. What is the secret of Baktoben's health?!) PART - 1

 [Pre-release] Sak-Three(SSAK3)두💃Duriju and💃🕺 Yoo Do-dragon
 started recording! And the personal song of Biryong and Linda G?! PART - 2

 Come on a little bit~! 폭발 Freshly exploded PART - 3

Section TV Park Seul-ki appeared to interview the new group Bud-seri PART - 4

Finally, the 25th full version of'The Beach Again Here' by Sprout Lee MBC'What are you doing when you play?' It is released for the first time through broadcasting. In the '90s sporty street style, as well as'Cool Mee', as well as'Cheongryang Mi' with a cool beach look on the blue beach, it explodes the cheerful and cheerful summer song visuals.

On MBC's broadcast on the 25th,'What Do You Do When You Play?' This is the first public release.

Prior to the release of the full version of'The Beach Again,' the visuals of the hip buds were released. Sprout members show off'Clock Me' with colorful and sporty street fashion in the 90s, or'Cheongnyangmi' with a cool beach look in front of the beach. The cheerful youthful smiles of the members who seemed to have returned to the boy and girl who were soaked in the music of the 90s make the memories immersed in the memories.

In particular, Linda G on the beach sand robs her of'Cheongcheong Style' armed with'Coolness' and'Cheongsoonmi'. Linda G will lead Yu-Dragon-Biryong in the more difficult military shooting on the sandy beach, and will show a special performance by unfolding the camera and vague acting (?).

Prior to the filming of MV, the youngest Biryong conveyed the fact that'Sprout' was registered as an official group on the portal site, and he felt that he could not express it in words. The members also showed their regret for the upcoming breakup with their debut, and showed a more sticky friendship and teamwork, saying, “You are there,” during the painful MV filming.

In addition, the recording of personal songs by the members of the shoots, which were shot by supporters of high-end singers, will be released. Yoo Doo-gon-Linda G-What is the personal song that has a lot of emotions of Dynasty, and raises the curiosity about who will be the best singers who will show a different collaboration with them.

You can check out the'What are you doing when you play?'

On the other hand,'What do you do when you play?' Building a Niverse', it is loved a lot.

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