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House On Wheels Episode 7 Full RAW

 House On Wheels Episode 7 Full RAW

Self-moving wheeled house class? N..PART - 1  

Onestar Titans mug IU Phone * -_- * 's first look like this! PART - 2

[Pleasure at Home X Wheeled House] #How to participate
 in the Wheeled House Challenge★ PART - 3

«Celebrate» Finally, IU 'come built ♥ PART - 4

Decorating this yourself!? Jieun's surprise

 that impressed her family♡ PART - 5

?? Why are there motion sickness drugs? 
Hee-won, who has a strong sense of anxiety PART - 6

Castella-like texture!? Roe deer mushroom + Jingu-pyo 
sesame oil field fantasy combination ♥ PART - 7

A cute ♡ careful thought to the runaway
 soul paragliding IU PART - 8

Yeo Jin-goo combining the warm IU + Adults pleased - ♥ PART - 9

First time flying in the sky? Family's 
#paragliding experience! PART -10 

“My sister!” X Jin-goo, who hangs in the sky♥ PART 11

Note loveliness ♥ IU fly ?! The first paragliding challenge ever! PART - 12

Gathered by the IU Pio! Wheeled Deluna, a dream-like reunion♥ PART - 13

Today (23, Thursday) The reunion of Yeo Jin-goo, IU received a lot of love referred to in last year's drama "Hotel De Luna" to "Supper couples' drawn in 'home on wheels' seven times to be broadcast at 9:00 at night. IU readily accepted the invitation to secure the loyalty of and Yeo Jin-goo is a challenge to the "three brothers" Sung Dong-il, Kim Hee-won, paragliding from specialty tasting mushrooms in the chest Yeo Jin-goo and Mungyeong gettin ttulrineun and plan to spend a healthy and refreshing summer days.

Three brothers are leaving to go paragliding with, IU as ginseng paragliding landing in a new yard. Because the wind is good and the paragliding experience is faster than expected, the four who are not ready for their hearts are expected to increase their laughter as the number of words decreases as the bow factory approaches. And finally IU has betrayed her nervousness to Yeo Jin-goo said, "Now I'm starting to hear you're not."

However, three brothers and IU is renowned ohreumyeo tension flew in the sky and courage to bring the exhilarating thrill. Kim Hee-won, who started out as the first batter, reddens her eyes as if impressed by the breathtaking view of Baekdu-daegan. It seems that Kim Hee-won's paragliding experience machine, which was the first to challenge himself through the'wheeled house', will also impress those who see it. IU also the story of tears can be found in the broadcast.

Ganggung PD charge of the director of the program "More than ever, the guests were greeted eagerly preparing such Yeo Jin-goo is looking ahead to find a recipe for IU. IU also Sung Dong-il, Kim Hee-won, come carrying a sack full of gifts for the qualitative Yeo Jin-goo had a warm reunion "and hinted that" it seems that Yeo Jin-goo and comfortable Chemie IU containing well aware that, thanks. "I hope that you will be healed with special attractions such as paragliding that stimulated Kim Hee-won's tear glands and mushrooms and yakdol samgyeopsal from Sung-il's acquaintances."

"Home on wheels" Kim Hee-won, Yeo Jin-goo x IU acquaintance doubt ... Authentication by currency

In 23 days the afternoon entertainment program aired on tvN 'home on wheels' IU (Lee, Ji - Eun) is active as a singer and actor has been introduced as a day guest.

IU has signed a friendship and Yeo Jin-goo through drama "Hotel del Luna 'has been invited as a guest. Sung Dong-il is IU and drama - but a "lovers of months trying Scarlet Heart" together, Kim Hee-won has left a heavy task for one had never met before, Sung Dong-il this is "totally you all need," said Yeo Jin-goo.

Kim Hee-won had suspected that "do not hit together're not going to call?" Toward Yeo Jin-goo, this is illegal Yeo Jin-goo has certified a friendship call to IU. Kim Hee-won who handed the phone is added to the fun look of shy to share an awkward greetings and IU.

On the other hand, tvN'wheeled house' is a variety program that invites precious people to live a day in a country with a wheeled house. It is broadcast every Thursday at 9 pm.

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