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Heart Signal 3 Episode 16 Full Raw Reviews

'Heart Signal 3'Kim Kang-yeol ♥ Park Ji-hyun's'Chin' dating begins..

Through'Heart Signal 3', Kang-Yeol Kim and Ji-Hyeon Park began a real relationship. As a result, however, Seo Min-jae, Lee Ga-hun and Cheon In-woo did not succeed. 

On the afternoon of the 15th, the last couple on Channel A'Heart Signal 3', Kim Gang-yeol and Park Ji-hyun, who became the final couple, began to really love. As a result of this, Seo Min-jae and Lee Ga-eun and Cheon In-woo did not become lovers.

The status of the members who completed'Heart Signal 3'was released. Jeongui-dong was living in the formative work. "Your order has been pushed to the point where I can't handle it. I have to make it one day a day. This year is all over," he said. Jeongui-dong was to move to Imhan-keol's studio.

Jeongui-dong said that he has heard a lot of pitiful reactions since appearing on the broadcast. Jeongui-dong said, "My friends said that when they watched the broadcast, they said it was pitiful." Seems to be crying because he sees his father crying."

Jeongui-dong had a hard time watching the broadcast. Jeongui-dong said, "I shouldn't have to open my lips."

Jeongui-dong chose the date of Cheonanna and Dumulmeori as the best dates. Jeongui-dong said, "Since there are beautiful places in every city. If you find such a place, you go around every season." I have been very influenced by my father and I have been together since childhood. "I am happy to be with my family and to be with my family."

Jeongui-dong chose the moment he received a gift from Cheonanna. Jeongui-dong recalled, "I was confused by myself, but I was convinced when I received a gift." 

Jeongui-dong said he would not contact Cheonanna separately. Jeongui-dong said, "I don't communicate with Cheonanna separately."

The diary that Jeongui-dong left while at Signal House was also released. Jeongui-dong said, "Twenty-nine emotions seem to be missed and good."

Min-jae Seo was fierce while attending the company. Seo Min-jae liked the nickname Detective Rabbit. Seominjae succeeded in various reasoning at Signal House. 

Seo Min-jae felt a sense of unity with Cheon In-woo. Seo Min-jae said, "Each of them had their own difficulties, so they talked comfortably." In fact, they were smart people, but they asked why they did'three days'. I also regret it."

Seominjae was thrilled to hear that Im Han-gyeol resembled Bo-young Park in front of the members. Im Han-gyeol, looking at Seo Min-jae, said, "Here you are." Seo Min-jae confessed, "I came in the hook at that time." After that, Min-jae Seo told Im Han-gyeol that he was going on a date.

Im Han-gyeol started a cafe and was busy. Im Han-gyeol said, "After the broadcast was over, the aftereffect was great." He said, "I had a lot of emotions. I lost about 7kg in weight."

Im Han-gyeol chose the moment Lee Ga-Hyun went straight as a masterpiece. Im Han-gyeol said, "I was so tense."

In the Signal House, men's and women's laundry were mixed. Signal House members were confused to find the owner of underwear and socks. 

The unpublished dating moments of Im Han-geol were also revealed. Im Han-gyeol showed unexpected chemistry in Lee Ga-Hun and the record shop. Lee Ga-heon bought a record for Im Han-gyeol. Lim Han-gyeol made a cocktail on a date with Seo Min-jae. Im Han-gyeol captured Seo Min-jae's heart by perfecting even shaking. The two also held hands while drinking. Im Han-gyeol said, "The day was the starting point for my crush." 

Im Han-gyeol received a sandwich from Seo Min-jae and gave a letter in return. However, all of these scenes were not seen on the air. 

Lee Ga-Hyun finished the semester with good grades. During the vacation, Lee Ga-Hyun spent time practicing in an animal hospital. Lee Ga-heon said, "A lot of people recognize me, follow me on the road, and then talk to me. I look in the women's restroom.

Ga-Hyun Lee made a topic in'Heart Signal 3'with a straight speech. “I thought I had been in trouble so much,” Lee Ga-heun said. “I make fun of Kim Eun-suk. My friends say,'Let's play with me for 2 days and 1 night. I don't know."

Lee Ga-Heun chose Thun In-Woo and Twenty Heads as a memorable scene. Lee Ga-Heun referred to the hot pack scene as a scene. "I thought I should never do skinship. I got my hands on the hot pack scene."

Lee Ga-Hun went straight to the end. "I did what I was drawn to, and I would have done it if I was attracted to others. But it wasn't so." 

Lee Ga-heon recalled the moment when he confessed to In-cheon to go eat peanut ice cream. "I had to take courage in a place with 8 people. I was frustrated from the day before. I said to go to eat peanut ice cream first. It was good to be like that." 

Chun In-woo had a busy day going to work. "In fact, there aren't many things that have changed," said Chun In-woo. "There are many people who ask me to take pictures. There are many comments in Japanese. There have been many messages from English, Malaysia, and the Philippines." 

Chun In-woo made several mistakes at Signal House. In-woon Chun regretted the late remarks as well as the late date request to Park Ji-hyun. 

Cheon In-woo recalled the moment he faced Jihyun in Jeju Island as a memorable moment. Cheon In-woo said, "The last courage and the attempt to organize was unconscious. I had a desire to stop the hard work. I confessed. 

Chun In-woo also expressed honest feelings about Lee Ga-Hyun's straightness. "I felt good. I was thrilled." After eating, I walked the streets of Insa-dong and bought earrings. "It was a moment of calm," he said.

Chun In-woo also said that he had been shaken since his first date with Lee Ga-heon. "I was confused whether my feelings were being deceived at a good time or whether this was really my mind. Before that, I was convinced that I liked Jihyun, but I was confused after dating, so I was surprised," said Cheon In-woo. 

Cheonanna was sent without hesitation. Cheonanna also explained the controversy over Kim Kang-yul and the rap stargram. Cheonanna confessed, "The time that I uploaded with Kangyeol was less than a few minutes. I contacted Kim Gang-yeol and asked them to erase each other." 

Cheonanna remembered the moment she ate well on her first date with Jeongui-dong. It was said that Cheonanna was nicknamed Cheonanna, who eats well. "I don't have a good meal right now. I'm coming back now because it's steamed."

Cheonanna enjoyed the most popularity among signal house female residents. Park Ji-hyun, Seo Min-jae and Lee Ga-eun were voted to meet Cheonanna if they were men. 

Cheonanna was embarrassed by her first date with Cheon In-woo on Jeju Island. When she said that Cheon In-woo did well once every three days, she said that she was frustrated because she didn't understand. 

Cheonanna said she wanted to have a honest relationship. Cheon-anna explained, "When I see'Heart Signal' from the viewer's point of view, that friend is my heart, and I see this. So I was frustrated. Cheon In-woo was the most frustrated. I shouldn't be too honest."

Park Ji-hyun was doing online classes. Park Ji-hyun was unable to go to the franchise cafe because of her popularity after the broadcast. "Families are more vulnerable. My mother and father do'Heart Signal' on the 1st. My brother doesn't sit down and see. He is overly immersed. Families like his strongest brother, who is really strong. "My parents and my brother liked it."

Park Ji-hyun remembered the moment of taking pictures in a school uniform in front of a merry-go-round while dating Kim Gang-yeol and an amusement park. Park Ji-hyun remembered, "I felt like'it's fun,' but it was strange because I talked about posing in front of the carousel and shook my shoulders. From then on, it was a moment when I changed something from "fun" to "excitement" with my brother.

Park Ji-hyun also didn't see the hot pack scene with embarrassment. Park Ji-hyun said, "I'll see other things, but I can't see the scene because I'm embarrassed. I've only seen it once, but when I turn on SNS, it keeps popping up. The whole country has seen me holding hands. At that time, I was immersed in it. I didn't have any idea. I was a little thrilled, because I checked the expression on the air." 

Park Ji-hyun shed tears after meeting Cheon In-woo and Jeju Island. Park Ji-hyun said, "I didn't know if I was so clumsy. I think I did. I was convinced at the last date, and I was organized, so I didn't want to confuse him in that situation. I already knew that I was suffering because of me, and I didn't answer vaguely in that situation." I thought, I felt like organizing. From the beginning, I liked Cheon In-woo, and there was a lot of effort by the brother. As these things passed, it was the last time.

The reason that Park Ji-hyun chose Kim Kang-yeol was the regret. "I literally wanted to go out and have a date. I wanted to have a date with the last person I chose. I had a date with Kang Yeol several times, and the moments with me were fun, and every moment was fun and good. If you meet this person, you can have a fun relationship “I thought it would be unfortunate if I couldn’t see Kang again”.

In a scene that was not revealed on the broadcast, Park Ji-hyun and Kim Kang-yeol sometimes clad each other. Eventually the two fell asleep with pods on. Park Ji-hyun explained the change, saying that she changed who could say that there is someone she likes.

Kim Gang-Yeol also had a normal life, and his family also liked it. Kang-Yeol Kim was busy moving around the company. Kim Gang-Yeol showed a false side to Park Ji-Hyeon when applying for a first-come, first-served date. "I still thought that Jihyun was there because it was a mystery," said Kim Kang-yeol. Park Ji-hyun also recalled, "No matter how flat I am, I cannot flatten it."

On the first date with Park Ji-hyun, Kim Kang-Yeul recalled the moment when he confessed the ideal type. The date of Park Ji-hyun and the amusement park was also an unforgettable time for Kim Kang-yeol. Kang Gang-yeol felt fate after dating Park Ji-hyun on Jeju Island.

Was the couple born after the final selection? Seo Min-jae and Im Han-gyeol remained good friends, not lovers. Im Han-gyeol said, "I am cheering you up in a good relationship." Lee Ga-Hun and Chun In-Woo met without a camera. "I had a good time, but I'm reluctant to go to many places. I take a lot of reasoning with pictures. I'm sorry for the unintended confusion." Lee Ga-heun concluded, "I've been doing well, but people were so aware that it was uncomfortable to have fun. I don't see it these days."

Kang-yeol Kim and Ji-hyun Park met again in the summer. The two could not hide their awkwardness. Ji-Hyun Park and Kang-Yeol Kim have only been contacted for 3 months and have not met. Park Ji-hyun said, "Because of the nature of the program, the results should not be made available to the public, so we had to hide it." Kang-Yeol Kim and Ji-Hyun Park were teeming over video calls. 

Park Ji-hyun and Kim Kang-yeol shared their feedback on the broadcast. Park Ji-hyun was sorry for Kang-Yeol Kim, who is just going straight for himself. Kim Kang-Yeol discovered the way Park Ji-Hyun liked him the moment he talked to others. Kim Kang-yeol and Park Ji-hyun remembered the moments when they could not hide their love for each other. "My expression was so transparent. I was laughing too," said Kim Kang-yeol. 

Kim Kang-Yeul suggested to Ji-Hyun Park to meet often. "I want to see you often because the broadcast is over," Kim Kang-Yeul confessed sincerely, "I can meet, what can I do?" 

Those who couldn't be couples shared their sad times. Chun In-woo confessed to her weakened mind, "I couldn't look at you when I was dating someone else. Kang-Yeol Kim and Ji-Hyun Park said they were honest with their feelings.


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