Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Heart Signal 3 Episode 15 RAW Full Reviews

Heart Signal 3 Episode 15 RAW Full Reviews

"'Heart Signal' is Cheonan's junior." Debate on'Academic Amplification' 

The person who claimed to be the junior of the school of'Chain Signal' season 3 star Cheonanna vomited. It was furious when Cheonanna suggested a legal response to school violence-related claims.

On the 7th, an online community bulletin board posted a long text titled'Hi, I am a junior of the Heart Signal Cheonan Seniors'. This was a refutation of Cheonan Na's previous day, saying, "The rumor that the abuser of school violence is a malicious rumor."

Cheon-anna said, "(Rummer's) writer claims to be a junior of the school, but there is no fact that the contents of the article have been directly harmed, and the article has a malicious purpose for me. It was written in a stimulating and exaggerated form. It is currently deleted. Toro.

"I recently had a big heart and commissioned a law firm on matters related to the writer of the article. It is possible that the article itself that instigates the public for malicious purposes is legally punishable. If the investigation proceeds, rumors about me are false Those who have done this will also be made clear, and indiscriminate ills that hurt me and my surroundings in my personal social media and community have already gathered evidence and will respond legally."

The claimant of the damage has reappeared in this position. He said, "There was a Dantokbang in the 14th and 15th grades I suffered from my seniors. I am currently gathering things I have been suffering from my seniors."

"I look at the company name, find the juniors of the airline, see the contents of the comments, and send a personal note, so I still borrow the ID of an acquaintance," he said. The situation that became a perpetrator in a day after being faced with things that were not done is frustrating and unbelievable. Now stop and apologize." They also captured and published relevant testimony. They were allegedly being bullied by Cheonanna at academic festivals and MT.

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