Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Flower of Evil Episode 1 Full RAW [악의 꽃]

[D-day] "Choose, we'll decide in the future"
 Jun-ki Lee♡ Chae-won Moon's love mellow. See you tonight!

Judging only by evidence! Moon 
Chae Won's Sharp Reasoning - PART - 1

Lee Joon-ki and Moon Chae-won's
 perfect marriage are all false? - PART - 2

(Geumseul strongest) Lee Jun-ki, deep kissing
 from daylight♡Moon Chae-won - PART - 3

Fight rage! Lee Joon-ki's 39th birthday party - PART - 4

Detective Moon Chae-Won & reporter 
Chasing Hyun-Woo Seo, narrowing the 
investigation (ft. Suspicious Victims) - PART - 5

Flower of Evil Episode 1 Full RAW

PART - 1         PART - 2         PART - 3         PART - 4

The first is actors' chemistry. First, Lee Joon-ki (as Baek Hee-sung) and Moon Chae-won (as Cha Ji-won) transformed into a couple who had a happy family with Baek Eun-ha (Jung Seo-yeon), the daughter of a perfect match in the play. When there are only two, it will capture the attention of viewers through a new look that has never been seen anywhere, becoming a dense marshmallow with honey dripping and becoming a daughter of a clown ascendant in front of Baek Eunha.

Another interesting point is'Bromance Chemie' by Jun-gi Lee and Hyun-woo Seo (by Kim Moo-jin). The two actors are proud of their strong breath in the field so that it is not considered that this is their first meeting. In this regard, it is expected that what kind of check-in Tikitaka will provide chewyness and delight at the same time.

The second is the'Unpredictable Story'. As the unpredictable topic of'What if a husband who has been in love for 14 years is suspected of being a serial killer?' penetrates through the play, every case that faces each other through a powerful criminal detective also has a unique structure that is unpredictable. In addition, the aspects of the events are organically connected to the emotion lines of each character, doubling the immersion, and foretelling the catharsis of the pursuit, which reveals the truth with viewers.

The last spectator point is the power of director Kim Chul-gyu to fully fit all of these. Previously, through'Confession','Mother', and'The Way to the Airport', it proved a cinematic visual beauty and sensuous output, and this time, it opens a new page of the Suspense Melo genre. To this end, the cool suspense that keeps in mind and the hot melody that finds the essence of love in it, and Kim Cheol-gyu, who directs between the two poles, is the reason why the'flower of evil' is more awaited.

"Evil flower" production team said, "I think it's a unique drama that I haven't seen before. From the first episode, if you follow the story to get out of the veil little by little, you will be able to feel the fun of Suspense Melo properly,” he said.


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