Friday, July 24, 2020

Delicious Guys [맛있는 사람] Episode 283 Full RAW

Delicious Guys [맛있는 사람] Episode 283 Full RAW 

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'Beautiful ladies' Moon Seyoon, surprise love call "30 times a day, BTS always welcome"

In the'Delicious Guys' broadcast on the 24th, it is depicted that the song of the hotpot is played after singing the song with the third special feature of'The Hot Pot Singer'.

This week's splendid guest, Kim Soo-chan, of'Trot Prince', will decorate the United States. Kim Soo-chan said, “I'm having a meal with'delicious guys' members…” and said, “I watched a lot through rebroadcasts. No matter what channel, I came out.”

Then Moon Se-yun boasted a revisited pride (?) saying, “Only our rebroadcasts go out 1,000 times a month,” and the members and Kim Soo-chan expressed suspicious eyes. Accordingly, Moon Se-yun searched the schedule using a smartphone and said, “I rerun it 33 times a day. It counts about 990 times a month and about 11,880 times a year.”

At the same time, Moon Se-yun sent a public love call saying, “It's always welcome for BTS people. Laughed

In this regard, Kim Soo-chan also said, “To be filial, I will have to appear in'Delicious Guys'”.

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