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City Fishers 2 Episode 31 - Full RAW

City Fishers 2 Episode 31 - Full RAW

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'City Fisherman 2', Lee Soo-geun "Does this make sense?"

On the 23rd (Thursday), in the 31st episode of the Channel A entertainment program,'Follow Me, Trust Me, Urban Fisherman 2'(hereinafter referred to as'City Fisherman 2'), it is depicted that urban fishermen are leaving Daekwangfish Fishing at Hwaseong Jeokgok Port.

On this day, the city fishermen started fishing at the hot point where many ships were gathered, and they were full of expectations, but the question was raised that they soon fell into a position to watch only the mouth of other anglers.

In this situation, the youngest child, Kim Joon-hyun, said, "What can we do if we can make excuses for meatlessness?" As the crisis continued, the production team's attention was focused on the idea that they once again proposed a surprise attack, reminiscent of the Venedom confrontation.

In addition to awarding gold badges to catchers of flounder, the exemption from returning all golden badges was made. It is said that once again, a special sale was held, urban fishermen struggled with a fateful community and took the last challenge.

Lee Duk-hwa, the elder brother who showed his pride as an angler by standing chairlessly and standing fishing, attracts attention because he felt more responsible than anyone else to save his juniors.

Lee Deok-hwa, who grabbed the fishing rod with the determination to pour out his last energy, expressed his desire to win by shouting "Become a hero or become a antagonist." In addition, Follow Me Ji-Ryeol said, "If you catch a fish, I will let you see it.

It was said that when everyone focused on fishing in a very tense state, the shout of silence broke out. With a miracle like this, Lee Soo-geun was confused by saying, "Are you saying this?" and raised the curiosity about the broadcast, saying that everyone had a startling sight in the drama.

Whether the city fishermen will succeed in turning over to the last spurt, and who would have saved everyone, the exciting scene of the flounder fishing confrontation will be on Thursday, the 23rd at 9:50 pm Channel A Entertainment Program'I believe in you, follow me, city fisherman 2'.

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