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Call Center of Love Episode 18 RAW 사랑의 콜센터 7-30-2020

Call Center of Love
 Episode 18 RAW 사랑의 콜센터

1- Soul perfect score~✧ Jang Min-ho'My Heroine'♪
소울 퍼펙트 스코어 ~ ✧ 장민호 '내여 주인공'♪ - PART - 1 

2- Lynn'My Destiny'♫ Impressive 😭
2- Lynn'My Destiny '♫ 인상적인 😭 PART - 2

3 - The Queen of Audition👑 Yooseong is'Binari'♬
오디션의 여왕 👑 유성은 '비나리'♬ - PART - 3

Giant Goddess♡ Ben'During Love' ♪♫
거대 여신 ♡ 벤 사랑하는 중 ♪ ♪ - PART - 4

“TOP6과 여신 6은 트로트와 소울 사이에 큰 조화를
 이루 었으며 폭발적인 노래와 흥분으로 어느 곳에서도 볼 수 없었습니다.

“TOP6 and Goddess 6 had a great match between Trot and Soul, which can never be seen anywhere with explosive singing power and excitement.

'Call Center of Love' Lim Young-woong and Davichi member Lee Hae-ri and'Historical Duet', which can not be seen anywhere else, decorate the stage that thrills.

On the 30th (today) at 10 o'clock at night, TV CHOSUN'Call the application song-Call Center of Love' (hereinafter'Call Center of Love') In the 18th'Voice Goddess Daejeon' special feature, Lim Young-woong and Lee Hae-ri are saying'I believe only now' Following the rebirth as a duet song, Young Tak confessed the hidden ties with a goddess 6 member to excite the heat of confrontation.

TOP6 Lim Young-woong and Goddess 6 Lee Hae-ri prepared'believing only in me now' as a duet for'Call Center of Love' applicants and viewers. lost. Impressions that were 180 degrees different from Im Yeong-woong's solo song'Now I only believe in myself'. TOP6 and Goddess 6, who watched the explosive stage of the two, said, “I'm creepy”, “It’s really cool,” and named “Im Young-woong” and “Lee Hae-ri”. Im Young-woong and Lee Hae-ri are excited about what the stage will be like'I only believe in now', which was reborn as a duet song that provoked both emotion and goose.

In particular, Young Tak surprised the scene by revealing a special relationship with a member of Goddess 6. Young Tak asked a question to a member of Goddess 6, “Don't you remember me?” and revealed a meaningful meeting, saying, “I have a relationship with a member of Goddess 6.” “I even directed, and the lyrics I sang as a guide were reflected in the actual song,” said Young-Tak. Moreover, after a long time, the members of Young Tak and Goddess 6, who met in a 1-on-1 confrontation on the stage of'Call Center of Love', all selected songs that best showed their singing skills, and, unfortunately, the songs of the two singers were the same. As Im was revealed, he once again proved his amazing relationship. Indeed, there is a growing appreciation of the story and stages of the two goddesses who will compete with Yeongtak and the strong goddess 6 who will compete for a hot match.

On the day of the recording, Chan-won Lee focused his attention with a special selection to be presented on the stage of the 1v1 showdown. Chanwon Lee said, “I chose this song because of the stories that the fans told me.” With the stories that the fans sent me, I made a decent stage. On the stage with Lee Chan-won's sincere heart and voice, the teardrop button of Goddess 6 worked, making the whole studio look gloomy. Attention is drawn to the songs and stages selected by Chanwon Lee.

On the other hand, Baek Ji-young, who took charge of the team leader in Goddess 6, heated up the scene by enthusiastically cheering, even throwing off her shoes while recording. Unlike the early days, when they were relaxed, saying, “You don't get involved in the game,” or “You can lose,” the more you fight, the more you immerse yourself in the game by analyzing the propensity of the karaoke machine as a master and counting the number of cases one by one. As the TOP6 and the Goddess 6 continued their tense battles with no concessions, the game was overturned by a difference of 1 point, the first round victory of the'Voice Goddess Daejeon' attracted attention.

The production team said, “TOP6 and Goddess 6 had a great match between Trot and Soul, which can never be seen anywhere with explosive singing power and excitement. I look forward to seeing you in the 18th episode.

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