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Bob Bless You 2 Episode 19 Full RAW

Bob Bless You 2 Episode 19 Full RAW

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Presenting'Babble 2', Honjeon Cohabitation → Long-distance love Senni's hot and honest solution

Singer Jesse was with her life sister in the 19th episode of Olive BTS'Bob Bless You 2'broadcast on July 23. Jesse, who invited him to his regular Mexican restaurant on the day, said, "I only had Korean food, so I wanted to show it a different taste."

On this day, Jesse said from the last time she went to the Grammy Awards in January. Jesse told her sisters to talk about Grammy, "I went to an after-party, but I didn't know, but I had a list. I was an oriental woman alone. "It is 164cm tall.) It was the smallest there. If you go there, Do-yeon Jang is the average height."

The story of'My older sister lives with her boyfriend' came to my sisters. It was the story of whether or not to let parents know about this.

Jesse replied without hesitation, "The United States lives and marries first. You have to live to know what this person is like." Jesse said he would be happy to tell his parents about living together, and the United States said, "If you make a mistake from the age of 18, you will live as you make your own mistakes."

My sisters also talked about their cohabitation and marriage. Do-yeon Jang said that she wanted to keep her parents secret and live together. And Kim Sook emphasized his own space and said, "I want my husband to live in the house next door when I get married. I want to live separately even if I play together."

Afterwards, the sisters concluded that the sister should not tell her about her cohabitation. It's 100 times better to say it yourself. Afterwards, Jessie presented her with a beautiful life when she was working as Jessica HO.

The next story is that she is worried because her sister can't be so dissatisfied. In this regard, Narae Park sympathized greatly that she was like Do-yeon Jang. I think that Jang Do-yeon usually expresses his dissatisfaction as a disturbance, and he always feels frustrated.

Accordingly, Jang Do-yeon also uncovered her own beauty salon experience. The discoloration that was aimed at the idol's head came out like that of Song Dae-gwan, but it was an explanation that he paid with his enthusiasm. In that case, my sisters were sorry to know if they had to complain.

My sisters recommended cold and sweet desserts for my sister's sister as a stress-relieving food. It was advice to eat dessert and blow away all the trouble.

Jesse has mentioned boxing as a workout since childhood. Kim Sook-eun also testified that "the strongest child I know is Jesse." There was a confrontation between'Sister Who's Strong'. Kim Sook recommended Kim Na-rae, who does pole dance with her hands without skill, and Song Eun-yi recommended Kim Sook, saying, “My company has beaten 10 people because of the wind in my arm wrestling.

Afterwards, as a result of the arm wrestling between Jesse and Kim Sook, Kim Suk won without a hit. After that, Kim Sook and Narae Park rose to the final. The arm was gradually tilted toward Kim Sook as a series of tight encounters took place. Eventually, Park Na-rae became the strongest person among her sisters. Kim Sook admitted Park Na-rae by saying, "I have the skill. I broke my hand first."

Afterwards, the sisters went to the second place as a regular white house. Sisters say the advantage of this place is food that comes out quickly, especially Jesse said, "I tend to eat here before the event." The sisters filled the meal properly, from kimchi stew to mackerel. Jesse, who said earlier, "If I don't eat one meal a day, I'm going to vomit," also had a delicious meal.

I read the next story. He said that he was in a long-distance relationship with his fiancé who lives in Korea. He wants to reassure his fiance in Korea.

Jesse confessed that she also had a long-distance relationship for two and a half years. Jesse advised, "You have to fight that you can do it no matter how far you go." Following that, Park Na-rae, who had been a long-distance fellowship for about a year, added. Park Narae said, "It was a happy relationship. I wanted to spend Valentine's Day together and bought the same wine and toasted it to Skype. I had a relationship like that." Anyway, the conclusion of the long love story is,'It doesn't matter if you have a heart. Even if you are far away, it's okay if you have a real loving heart.'

Jesse also sent a love song as a gift for the couple. Together with him, Jesse left the advice to the end, "It's difficult, but even a woman will understand enough. If you tell him by phone or text, you will understand it."

On this day, Jesse also answered the concerns of a new employee suffering from a salary. Payroll is a language spoken among office workers. My sisters sympathized with the new employee's concerns and recommended sweet milk tea and mint chocolate as food for work. "When it comes to stress, it's more helpful than Korean food," Jesse said. Song Eun-yi cheered on the worries of the new employee, saying, "If you eat something and relieve your stress, you will be amazed in a year."

Jesse greeted her as she finished recording and said, "I was really looking forward to it today. I love all my sisters. I talked better today and got better. Thank you today and I want to see you again later."

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