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Backstreet Rookie Episode 9 RAW Full

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Backstreet Rookie Episode 9 RAW Full

'Convenience Store Saetbyeol' Han Sun-hwa, Ji Chang-wook parting notice "Meet the matching people" [General]

In the 9th episode of SBS Geumto drama'Convenience Store Morning Star' broadcasted on the 17th, Choi Hyun-hyun (Ji Chang-wook) tried to reconcile with Yeon-ju Yoo (Han Sun-hwa).

On this day, Yeonju Joo was embarrassed to see Jeong Sae-tyeol (Kim Yoo-jung) entering the house. Gongbun-hee (Kim Sun-young) revealed that she is affectionate about Jeongsae-star and is currently living at home. After being shocked, Yeon-ju Yoo left the house, and Choi Hyun-hyun tried to explain why Jeong Saet-yeol was at home. However, Yeonju Lee said, "I'm sick of excuses."

The next day, Choi Hyun-hyun came to Yeonju Lee's house, but Yeonju Lee was after riding Seung-jun Cho's car. Choi Hyeon-ja asked Hye-ja Kim (Kim Mi-ri), "I recently had a misunderstanding with Mr. Soo-Jin. Believe and wait so Mr. Soon can decide for himself."

Kang Ji-wook (Kim Min-kyu) found out which agency Jeong Eun-byeol (Solbin) was at. Kang Ji-wook came to a convenience store to meet Jeong Sae-tyeol and realized that Jeong Sae-tyeol quit. When Jeong Sae-yeol was also chartered, Kang Ji-wook said to Choi Hyun-hyun, "Isn't it too indifferent to Sae-byul? Think about half of what Sae-byul thinks of the manager." Kang Ji-wook, who found Jeongsae Star, went home with Jeongsae Star where he could go. However, there was a paparazzi who followed Kang Ji-wook.

After that, Yeonju Joo contacted Choi Hyun-hyun to meet. Yu Yeon-ju added ramen sari to the bag stew and said, "I wanted to eat the last meal with Daehyun's taste. Meet someone who suits Daehyun."

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