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Backstreet Rookie Ep 5 Full RAW REVIEWS With immediate Clip for Your Enjoyment

Backstreet Rookie Ep 5 Full RAW REVIEWS
With immediate Clip for Your Enjoyment

 “Somehow I'm going to school” Yoojung Kim recalls 
when he was eating at Solbin’s words

CLIP - 2
“Don't cross the line!” Ji-wook ji♡Kim Yoo-jung, 
cute on the bus ☆Tikitaka☆

CLIP - 3
 “Hard work, only work.” Han Seon-hwa, Kim Yu-jung 
and who scratches more and starts a nervous war!

'Convenience store day star' Ji-wook Ji, Sun-hwa Han and Sang-woo Do witness the fisherman's bar… Kim Yu-Jung, each face hit and fell [total]

I witnessed Chang-wook Ji, who wore Han Sun-hwa, and Sang-woo Do. Jeong Saet-Star hit each tree and fell.

In the SBS Geumto drama'Convenience Store Saetbyeol', aired on the 3rd, the complex emotions of Choi Hyun-hyun (Ji Chang-wook), Jeong Sae-byeol (Kim Yoo-jung), Yeonju Jo (Han Sun-hwa), and Cho Seung-jun (Do Sang-woo) were depicted.

On that day, Yeonju Joo witnessed Choi Hyun-hyun, who carries the Stars of Stars. Daehyun and the morning star were embarrassed, but the performance seemed to be "Are you celebrating a good employee?"

The morning star looked at the menu board and said, "I don't know well because I don't come to this place. There was also Daehyun, who was overwhelmed by the overwhelming atmosphere and was unable to memorize the difficult wine name. However, he ordered skillfully and fought against the morning star who drunk.

While leaving the restaurant, Choi received a phone call regarding ordering. He exclaimed, "Would you like me to get the butter-grilled jangjorim at our convenience store?" However, Daehyun did not recognize this and held a heated discussion about the morning star and the products to be ordered. "I want you to take me," said Jo Seung-jun, who came down from the hotel fitness workout.

Choi Hyun-hyun thought about playing without giving a reply to the message. The next morning, Daehyun waited in front of the performance house and went to the company. Daehyun said, "I knew how frustrated Mr. Yeon-ju was when I went home. I was proud of Mr. Soo-jin, but I couldn't break my heart." The performance relaxed, saying, "Get it fast."

The morning star's younger brother, Jeong Eun-byeol (solbin), still got along with Iljin. The morning star passed without seeing the posts, reminders, and mandatory warnings posted on the mailbox. Eunbyeol flew with the clothes that the morning star was trying to wear when interviewing an excellent employee, and made the morning star feverish. Jeong Saet-byeol led the interview humorously, saying, "My reason is that there are so many people in convenience stores." And he answered to the question, "What do you think the convenience store is like?"

The family and reporters suggested that manager Choi Hae-hyun take a picture with the best employee Jeongsae-byul. Daehyun was worried about seeing the performer, but he put up a morning star at the saying, "It's small in the back of the in-house magazine." The morning star took a picture with a smile while saying "It is inevitably raised".

Choi Hyun-sae and Jeong Sae-tyeol are close enough to communicate without a word. Yeonju Joo won a contract with an easy client at the head office, and Jo Seung-jun compensated for this with a'banquet' and made the performance even more brilliant.

At the same time, Choi Hyun-hyun was in a friendly atmosphere with a story that wasn't much with Jeongsae-byul. The morning star said, "I have a lot of friends. Actor Kang Ji-wook (Min-gyu Kim) is my friend." The Golden Rain (Seo Ye-hwa) announced the absence of a silver star to the morning star. I didn't know that Eun-Byeol went to the girl group audition.

Jeong Saet-byeol recalled the past. After his father's death, his aunt seemed to take good care of Saetbyeol and Eunbyeol by saying, "Let's go to my aunt's house." Such an environment caused the morning star to postpone their studies and move hurriedly to earn a living.

After completing the filming, Jiwook Kang came to a convenience store to meet Jung Saetbyul. The morning star said, "Did you see it? It's a friend from elementary school," Daehyun said, "Is it real?" The morning star told Ji-wook, "Three years ago, my father died in a traffic accident." Jiwook was amazed and worried, "Where and with whom do you live?" But the morning star laughed, "Comfort."

At the dinner party, Daehyun confirmed a picture of a fisherman with Saetbyul, which was released on the Internet. The embarrassed Daehyun called the reporter, but only said, "This month, it will be shared on websites and social media and used for publicity." At the dinner at the head office of the convenience store, photographs were rotated, and the performance of this performance was firm. The director of the company, Jiwook Kang, took him to the meeting place and said, "I'm in trouble on social media now. "You decided not to do this."

Choi Hyun-hyun went to the front of the house, worrying about the performance of not being able to connect to the phone. However, there was Jo Seung-jun next to the drunken performance. In addition, the performance said to Seung-jun, "I want you to get me up once." When the drunk performance came into the house, she said to her mother, Kim Hye-ja (Kim Mi-ri), "Why didn't you bring me up?"

Meanwhile, Jeong Sae-tyeol, who was arranging a convenience store after the dinner, fell to the neck suddenly from behind. 
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