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All The Buttlers Episode 129 Full RAW


All The Buttlers Episode 129 Full RAW

'The Butler' Lee Seung-gi, torn with ultra high-pitched'Forbidden Love'→Lee Jung-hyun, erased for 

Singer Lee Seung-gi ripped the stage of'But Butler' with'Forbidden Love' full of rock spirits. Lee Jung-hyun showed off the charm of the Barbie doll on the'Julae' stage, which erased 20 years.

On the 19th broadcast of SBS'Deacons', a music show was held at the end of the century with the new father Lee Jung-hyun.

Since debuting in 1999, Lee Jung-hyun has been loved by showing the concepts of female warrior, Cleopatra, and Barbie doll.

Lee Jung-hyun, in particular, said about the title song'You', which became a hot topic by filming a music video in the Egyptian temple. Go inside and take a picture,' he said.

Lee Jung-hyun's debut in 1999 was during the music renaissance when god HOT Pinkle SES myths and others were active. At the time, Lee Seung-gi, a junior high school student, told Kim Kyung-ho that he had dreamed of a rocker and had a dream.

This is what Jung-Hyun Lee specially prepared at the end of the century music show. “I have already decided who I want to be with,” Lee Jeong-hyun pointed to as a partner.

Lee Seung-ki, who teamed up with Sung-Rok Shin, said, “The best atmosphere in the performance is the rock. I need to get a high-pitched tone,” said Kim Kyung-ho's'Forbidden Love'. This is a rock ballad song overwhelmed by the intense highs of the second half.

So Sung-rok Shin said, “Why is forbidden love? Have the permitted love. Isn't it too high? What should I do if the sound deviates?” Lee Seung-gi insisted that treble is essential. On the contrary, Cha Eun-woo's Yang Se-chan's team smoothly selected the clone's'first'.

The ending nerve war broke out before the music show. While the director Lee Jeong-hyun said, “We will do it at the end,” Yang Se-chan said, “I dare say it, but if we do it, it will spoil the performance.”

As a result, the opening of the music show at the end of the century was decorated by the youngest Cho Yang Se-chan and Cha Eun-woo. Those who sang Clone's'Coryeon' were applauded by the perfect reenactment of the luminous bon dance.

There was also a special guest. Clone Jun Jun-yeop is the main character. “I feel good when I wear old clothes and dance while thinking about the past. Thank you for calling me.”

Subsequently, Jun-yeop Koo said to Jeong-hyun Lee, “At first, I came out with a fan. I wanted to lose,” he added with a smile. Lee Jung-hyun aroused laughter by saying, "Now go to marry and live quietly."

Seungki Lee and Sungrok Shin showed off their passion as a stage of rock sound. If Shin Sung-rok completed the emotional stage with YB's'Send You', Seung-Gi Lee showed the essence of the shouting stage with Kim Kyung-Ho's'Forbidden Love'. In response, the cast responded with hot applause.

“I wasn't the most confident song, but at the end of the century, I wanted to show the spirit rather than doing well,” Lee Seung-ki said humbly.

The ending of the music show at the end of the century was occupied by the master Lee Jung-hyun. Lee Jung-hyun, who came to the stage with Kim Dong-hyun, transformed into a barbie doll and sang'Would You'? Dong-Hyun Kim is a dancer, and he is in sync with Lee Jung-Hyun.

A perfect stage that erased 20 years. Lee Seung-ki praised, "I think the star I saw on TV in the past came out."

As a result, Lee Jung-hyun and Kim Dong-hyun won the music show at the end of the century. Lee Jung-hyun said, “I was so sad because I had an old thought.”

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