Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Weekly Idol Episode 466 Full RAW Reviews

Weekly Idol Episode 466 Full RAW Reviews

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[Weekly Mibang] A colorful and refreshing, refreshing beauty
♥'Give me the answer' of AB6IX caught in it ♬ l EP.466

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[Weekly Mibang] Otoke Song♡ AB6IX Daehui l EP.466

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[Weekly Mibang] Otoke Song♡ AB6IX Donghyun l EP.466

On the 1st (Wed), MB6 Everyone and MBC M appeared on the weekly idol, AB6IX, which came back with a new song, "Give me an answer." In the'Hold me' corner on the day, AB6IX Donghyun and Jeonwoong said, “Woojin has only a lot of poisonous virtues,” and “She has a lot of skinship secretly.” When Woojin said, "I refused in the past, but nowadays, I accept it." Daehui said, "Oh, it was."

I wish I could come up with a difficult question.

What question did Daehee pick?!

Exciting and coming back and forth

The answer of the older brothers is Sook (?)

To be pulled (released)

The viewers who watched the broadcast are responding with "Cute and pretty whatever, Woojin Park", "Cute adorable," and "Huge jackpots".

Meanwhile,'Weekly Idol', which shows the charm hidden by personality and talent by appearing as the hottest idol of the week, is broadcast on MBC EveryOne and MBC M at 5pm every Wednesday.
Weekly idol' AB6IX, Guess Dance & Revelation War → Massive entertainment!

The group AB6IX (AB Six) appears in the'Weekly Idol' as their first entertainment after a comeback and releases a hidden sense of entertainment.

On the 1st of next month, the group AB6IX will appear in the'Weekly Idol' that will be broadcast simultaneously on MBC EveryOne and MBC M, and will release a new song,'Give me an answer', and laugh with various games.

The title song of the new album'Give me an answer' adds uniqueness by expressing the feeling of wanting to get the heart of an unknown person with straight and witty lyrics.

AB6IX, the first anniversary of its debut on this day, released a hidden story in the'Hugg me' corner, which was reborn as a customized product. This is a corner to back-hug the member without revealing the contents of the questionnaire'Hugg me'. AB6IX gave a big laugh with all kinds of guesses and exposing enthusiasm for each other. Soon, Dahee said, "I can't broadcast because I have a question."

In addition, Woong, who experienced his first entertainment after debuting as a'weekly idol' in the past, is said to have properly received entertainment tips from MC Kwang-hee in order to overcome the remaining broadcast shame.

The four-person, four-color intense entertainment of the group AB6IX can be found in'Weekly Idol' and Netflix, which are broadcast at 5 pm on July 1st.


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