Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Weekly Idol Episode 464 Sub English Full Review

I wish it wasn't good

But ..... winning!

How is that ...

It's not difficult, just
roll your feet like this

This time, the Ryeonggu wave

Super Junior-KRY, who returned to the new song'Our Season of Shining Blue', appeared in'Weekly Idol', which was broadcast simultaneously on MBC EveryOne and MBC M on Wednesday, 17th. On this day, Super Junior-KRY Kyuhyun, who challenged the'weekly idol' official love song,'Otoke Song', was the first to showcase the initial'Otoke Song' and was amazed.

The viewers who watched the broadcasts are responding to “The arts genius,” “That's why Kyuhyun Kyuhyun is one,” and “Otoke Oto K sense is crazy”.

Meanwhile,'Weekly Idol', which shows the charm hidden by personality and talent by appearing as the hottest idol of the week, is broadcast on MBC EveryOne and MBC M at 5pm every Wednesday.

Weekly Idol Episode 464 Sub
English Full Review

'Weekly Ah' Super Junior Kyuhyun "Yesung, I was the most happy when playing a cell phone game"

Super Junior-KRY appeared as a guest on MBC EveryOne's'Weekly Idol' broadcast on the 17th.

Eunhyuk asked Yeseong about the source of happiness. "I am happiest when I am with my family," said Yeseong.

However, Kyuhyun added, "No. Yesung was the happiest when he played a mobile phone game."

In this regard, he emphasized, "No, I am the happiest when performing an entertainment program with members."

'Weekly idol' Super Junior-KRY fans will deliver a masterpiece medley

Unit group Super Junior-KRY (Yesung, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun) is the best-known medley in the past, and is responsible for the viewer's ears.

Super Junior-KRY, which released the first domestic album after the team was formed, will appear on the'Weekly Idol' broadcast simultaneously on MBC EveryOne and MBC M at 5 pm on the 17th. Super Junior-KRY, which has released a new song'Our Season of Shining Blue', stimulates emotions with a dark tone and dramatic melody.

On this day, Super Junior-KRY prepared a masterpiece medley for fans who have been waiting for a long time. Kyuhyun said, “If it's the first album in 14 years, isn't it'Sugar Man'?” Particularly, Yeseong, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun are going to sing'only one person' that made Super Junior-KRY present in that time and voice unchanged, and will make fans cry.

In addition to this, Super Junior-KRY showed off the appearance of a performing arts stone as a'Hold me' corner. It is a corner to see the question written on the paper saying'Hold me' and back-hugging the member without revealing the question. MC Eunhyuk wrote a special question for Super Junior-KRY, which caused the curiosity.

The sensational ballad unit group Super Junior-KRY's masterpiece medley stage can be met on the weekly'Idol' and Netflix.

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