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Running Man Episode 507 Sub English Reviews Full

'Running Man' Ji Chang-wook, Lee Kwang-soo catching 
anti-war broker... The winner is Yu-Jung Kim [General]

Ji Chang-wook shook'Running Man' as an anti-war broker. However, despite Ji Chang-wook's activities, the final victory was Kim Yu-jung.

In the SBS'Running Man' broadcast on the 14th,'Convenience Store Saetbyeol' starring actor Ji Chang-wook Kim Yu-jung Han Seon-hwa Do Sang-woo appeared as a guest.

Ji Chang-wook has a unique relationship with running men. He was a high school junior of Kim Jong-guk, and on this day, two men sang a song and shared their love.

Jiseokjin, Jiwook Ji, is a'Chungju Ji', but noticed, “I should go home and check it out.”

Lastly, Ji Chang-wook and Lee Kwang-soo joined the drama'Chonggakne's Vegetable Shop'. In response, the running men trembled, saying, “Lee Kwang-soo must have been a cucumber,” and “Juksoon”, and Jeon So-min exclaimed a big laugh by shouting “Chiligochu”.

In the game, only listening to the answers that followed, the presence of Han Sun-hwa shined in the game. In the first question that Han Sun-hwa answered, Kim Jong-guk shouted'Baekchimi,' and Han Sun-hwa said, “It was a certain time. "I'm an old man," he said.

Jiseokjin's cry, "People who are likely to be a single mother," responded, saying, "I've had a relationship." The answer was'a person who seems to search his/her name on the portal site and SNS every day.'

Han Seon-hwa was even selected as a'person who seems to be easily bored by reason'. Han Sun-hwa said, “Why me? I'm still in pain because of my last love affair. I meet for a long time.”

The final mission of'Running Man' on this day is to arrest the broker. In the mission to find the best 15 convenience store sales, Kim Yoo-jung, a team member who chose an ice cup without worry, said, “Why is it an ice cup? No matter how much you look, it is like a broker.” On the other hand, Yoo Jae-suk rejected, "Let Yu-Jung do what he wants."

Ji-wook Ji told team members Song Ji-hyo and Lee Kwang-soo, “I know exactly one. I saw the broker writing a proposal,” he said.

The broker of'Running Man' is Kwangsoo Lee. Throughout the mission, Lee Kwang-soo proposed a deal through an eye patch, ramen soup shell, etc., and Ji Chang-wook witnessed the scene.

The embarrassed Lee Kwang-soo attempted to silence. Then he responded furiously, "Shut up before the other teams know."

However, this effort was reckless, and all the teams pointed to Kwang-soo Lee as a broker. In addition to the remarks by Ji Chang-wook, “Kwang-soo's brother has caught me,” Lee Kwang-soo expressed his anger.

Another reversal is that Ji-wook Ji was another broker. The performers were greatly surprised. In particular, Song Ji-hyo said that he had been properly deceived by Ji Chang-wook's disturbance operation.

Convenience store sales ranking followed by time. The ice cup that Yoojung Kim chose in doubt turned out to be the No. 1 ranking, earning a whopping 30 points, and the Kim Yoojung team as the final winner.

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Running Man Episode 507 Sub English Reviews Full

In the SBS Sunday entertainment program'Running Man', aired on the afternoon of the 14th, Kim Chang-wook, who appeared as a guest, is proud of his high school juniors.

Jong-Kook Kim sang the song, boasting, "Ji Chang-wook is from the same high school as me." In response to this, Haha said, "Oh, was that a school song?" He sang a song with different lyrics, and Kim Jong-guk tried to punish Haha.

Meanwhile, Ji Seok-jin said, "Ji Chang-wook is the same Chungju-ji, like me," and the members laughed at Jiseok-jin's fashion that she wore like a confetti and responded, "Today, Jichang-wook will receive the confetti."

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