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Running Man Episode 506 Sub English Reviews Full

"Yang Se-chan is ugly"..'Running Man' Twice,'Couple's World' Seongdae-mi→→ Talk Talk'Entertainment↑'

Twice released a sense of entertainment in'Running Man'.

In the SBS'Running Man' broadcast on the afternoon of the 7th, the girl group TWICE, who recently came back in the music industry, appeared in full.

As soon as they saw Lee Kwang-soo's fashion, "Running Man" members poured out their thoughts by saying, "Barbary Man is here," "What's happening with the stylist," "It's good. Lee Kwang-soo said, "Haha before the recording,'Gwangsuya entertainers should wear it like this.'

Lee Kwang-soo took off his top coat because of his never ending fashion consciousness, and said, "I'll be wearing white jeans and jeans next week."

At that moment, Twice, a guest, appeared. Kalgunmu was shown in line with the new song'MORE & MORE', and the members responded enthusiastically, saying, "I didn't know if I couldn't even see an article."

Yoo Jae-suk said, "Song Ji-hyo and Jeon So-min have no words," and the members laughed, saying, "Today, Somin's costume is similar to TWICE. Yoo Jae-seok regretted, "Twice came to the running man in two years in perfection." "If we knew in advance, we would have worn some fashion with a hippie feeling."

The members of'Running Man' were also nervous about the appearance of Top Star TWICE,

Lee Kwang-soo mentioned anecdotes, saying "I remember Tzuyu, thanks to Tzuyu," and Yoo Jae-suk stopped it. Lee Kwang-soo expressed his dissatisfaction by saying, "This is really funny, but then you don't really? Miss this funny thing? I know."

Yoo Jae-suk asked me to talk again, but Lee Kwang-soo laughed, saying, "Isn't it fun to talk like this?"

In particular, Chae Young showed confidence without saying, "It's an old thing.." Hahaha said, "It's a really old thing."

Nayeon immediately announced that there was a new vocal imitation, and Chaeyoung said, "I will try the facial vocal mimicry of the drama'Couple's World.'

When Chaeyoung followed the appearance of Da Da-kyung, Yang Se-chan and Haha said, "I know what it is."

Yoo Jae-suk said, "You don't know what this is because you haven't seen'the world of a married couple.'" Yoo Jae-seok laughed, saying, "You have to be honest with the broadcast. Why are you laughing when you don't know what it is?"

Yoo Jae-suk then sang the name of the man who was already introduced while introducing the next member, and said, "Today is Twice and it's a war."

Since then, Twice and the members of'Running Man' have teamed up to begin the first round mission,'Take the name tag'.

Jeon So-min, Twice Na-yeon, and Jeong-yeon, who dropped out early, chatted quickly, making friends. Nayeon and Jeongyeon asked Jeon So-min to give her a number, and Jeon So-min said, "If I was a male guest, I would have given it right away."

Twice replied, "I think I'm a fan of GOT7's Jinyoung because I watched it." Jeon So-min said, "Isn't it so handsome? I've really felt so handsome that I felt like my heart was sitting down for the first time." He said, "But it was all right."

Jeon So-min asked, "Who was the most ideal type? Was there a great actor or singer?", and Jeongyeon said, "Yang Se-hyeong. I like Yang Se-chan, too. But today I actually look a little more ugly." did.

Team kills and betrayals tricking and deceiving each other, Lee Kwang-soo's team was confirmed as the fourth place. The 3rd place was Haha, the team leader was Momo, the 2nd place was Yoo Jae-suk, the 2nd place was Tsuwi, the 1st place was Jiseokjin, and the team leader was Jiseokjin.

Before moving on to the next mission, the crew informed the guarantor system, and everyone struggled to get a guarantor to borrow money.

The second mission was'Elegantly Signal Dance', where I had to listen to a signal song and dance well with music. As the'honey' of JYP chief Park Jin-young flowed out, a dance war unfolded around Center Dahyun and Momo, which caught the eye.

After the second round, the team leaders redistributed the amount of the team members, and the final mission was'Touch MORE & MORE', which required an airborne shift every 30 seconds to touch the name tag. Team Dahyun and Seokjin met in the finals to compete. The Seokjin team won the championship due to Kim Jong-guk's performance.

As a result of the final mission, Seokjin team won 500,000 won, Dahyun team won 300,000 won, Somin team won 100,000 won, and Momo team won -100,000 won respectively.

1st place is Yang Se-chan's wine refrigerator, 2nd place is Yoo Jae-seok's car refrigerator, 3rd place is Tsuwi, 4th place is Dahyun, 5th place is Jiseokjin, 6th place is Sana and Jihyo, 6th place is Mina and Nayeon, 10th place is Chaeyoung , 11th place is Jihyo and Jongkok, 13th place is Jeongyeon, 14th place is Momo, 15th place is Gwangsu Lee, 16th place is Jeon So-min, and 16th place is Haha. Lee Kwang-soo, Jeon So-min, and Haha were penalized. 

 Running Man Episode 506 Sub English Reviews Full

Running Man Episode 506 Sub English Reviews Full

"Running Man" Jeon So-min "I don't have a male guest who asked for my number for 3 years"

On the afternoon of the 7th, SBS'Running Man' appeared on the group TWICE's entire body and raced with the running men.

At the same time as the mission started, the name tag was opened. The dropouts continued. Jeon So-min, Haha, Twice Jeong-yeon, Na-yeon, and Da-hyun were eliminated and had a conversation.

Lonely Jeon So-min asked Twice members to give us a phone number saying that we would contact them. Soon-min Jeon said, "If I was a male guest, I would have given it right away. I said this and I wasn't pulling out the phone."

In the meantime, Jeon So-min said, "I have never asked a male guest for my number. I haven't had it in three years. Does this make sense?" Twice wondered, "Is there anything that you usually ask? I've never even seen a question."

Twice asked, "Is there a male guest you liked?" Jeon So-min said about GOT7's faction, who had previously been crushed by'Running Man', "Isn't it really handsome? I felt the first time that my heart was falling. It was really handsome." Jeon So-min was ashamed when Twice asked, "Why didn't you do the dash?"

Jeon So-min asked Twice's ideal type. Jeong Yeon said that Yang Se-hyung was the ideal type, and that his brother, Yang Se-chan, also liked it. therefore "

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