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It's Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 4 RAW Full Review

'It's okay with a psycho,' Kim Soo-hyun, hurt calligraphy and hugs in the rain

Kim Soo-hyun opened her heart to Seo Ye-ji little by little.

In the tvN Saturday drama'Psycho But It's Okay', which aired on the 28th, Moon Kang-Tae (Kim Soo-Hyun), who opened his heart to Go Moon-Young (Seo Ye-Ji), was drawn.

On this day, Moon Kang-tae (Kim Soo-hyun) confessed to Ko Moon-young (Seo Ye-ji), saying, "I'm just playing with you" while watching the free action of Kwon Man-soo, son of Kwon Man-soo (Kwak Dong-yeon). Ko Moon-young, who smiled at this, smiled, saying, "What are you going to play with? I praised you because I did hijack today.

In response, Moon Kang-tae replied, "It was just a word of my own. How do I stop dancing and singing?" Kwon Prayer was happy saying to Moon Kang-tae, "It's all done today. Don't say anything to your sister. I'm the most excited today." 

Kwon-ki went back to the mental hospital. But the family turned away from him and Jean hit Kwon Ki's cheek and said, "Gear this shit. I think I'm finally going to live. Why do I have to be born short of my stomach and take the felony. Why melt my insult. Why do you want to die? Run this division." "I made it," she cried.

Kwon Gi-do said, "I get a feeling when I get one. I hate you, my mom, I don't hate you. I love you." 

Accordingly, Moon Gang-Tae recalled how he was with Zheng as a child. Moon Gang-tae always took care of his older brother Moon-jeong (Oh Jung-se).

Together with Go Moon-young, Moon Kang-tae headed to the mental hospital. Ko Moon-young suggested to Moon Kang-tae, "If you didn't get in my car, I was going to kidnap. If you want, tell me. I'll kidnap you and make you play a variety. You were envious of Adam."

In response, Moon Kang-tae replied, "It's okay." Go, Moon-young said, "I'm looking forward to lifting and bouncing when I'm trying to escape."

The couple then talked about the family. Moon Kang-tae was surprised by Gomun-young, who knew his family history, and Gomun-young said, "I looked back a little bit." In the face of Ko Mun-young, who talks about family and people, Moon Gang-tae said "Stop the car" and got out of the car.

Then he said, "I forgot about being a different person for a while. I guess what I was expecting from you without knowing it. It's gone now." In response, Ko Moon-young confessed, "I love you. I love you. Kang Tae."

Moon Gang-tae, who did not feel sincere in the words of Go Moon-young, continued walking along the way, and Go Moon-young screamed, "Why do you run again? Then he said, "Why am I in a good mood? What's wrong with my mind? What point did you hit?"

Meanwhile, Kwon Man-soo, a member of the National Assembly, visited a mental hospital. Kwon Man-su visited Ojiwang (Kim Chang-wan), saying, "Take the woman and the guardian," visited Kang Gang-tae and Go Moon-young, and asked Oji-wang, "The head who couldn't prevent the two of them was kneeling in front of me."

So Kang Gang-tae was called, and Moon Gang-tae said, "I will go alone." "The son was a prisoner of his own freedom. No one was forced to take it," Moon Kang-tae told Kwon Man-soo.

However, Kwon Man-soo was excited to say, "You guys are going to fuck me," and Oji Wang said, "Thanks, my son's symptoms have improved. You can leave the hospital soon."

Kwon Man-soo said, "Who raises such a mentally ill person. Even if I turn to millions of mental hospitals across the country, I will not be able to come out of my life. I don't need a child who is useless . " Then he said, "You shouldn't have been

born. "I need a child that no one needs. Ask your parents."

Gomunyoung, who was unaware of this situation, visited a mental hospital to take a walk, and faced Moon Moon (Oh Jung Se) there. Ko Moon-young looked at the bruise on Moon Kang-tae's face and said, "Who is this? I was worried again.

"So Kang Moon-tae said," What are you feeling now? Why are you worried about me? You don't know. What emotion are you running on? You don't know. My stomach is empty and the sound is loud. Like a can. So don't think you know me well. You never know about me until you die. "

Ko Moon-young shed tears after hearing all the words of Kang Gang-tae. Afterwards, Ko Moon-young prepared for a walk with Ko Dae-hwan. Ko Moon-young looked at Ko Dae-hwan and said, "Is all the memories erased? Isn't it a show?" In response, Nam Joo-ri warned, "Don't stimulate the patient." However, Ko Moon-young provoked, "I really don't know what I did. Dad."

Go Moon-young walked alone and said to himself, "Moon Kang-tae, you don't know." After working at home, Kang-Tae Moon shed tears while reading'Zombiai 'written by Go Moon-young. Following that, Moon Gang-tae told the story of Cho Moon-soo strangled by Jo Jae-soo (gang pillar) and went straight to Go Moon-young.

Kang Kang-tae approached Go Moon-young, who was raining alone, and hugged him by handing over his clothes.

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