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Heart Signal 3 Episode 14 RAW Full Reviews

Heart Signal 3 Episode 14 RAW Full Reviews

'Heart Signal 3'Park Ji-hyun and Kim Kang-yeol all-in... Cheon In-Woo ♥ Lee Ga-Hook starts again [Overall]

Park Ji-hyun rejected Cheon In-woo's heart and chose Kim Kang-yeol. 

In Channel A'Heart Signal 3', which was broadcast on the 1st, the story of the participants rode after the last day of the trip to Jeju Island on the 2nd and 1st night and returned to Seoul. 

On the day of the date, Cheon In-woo, who came back after a date, answered, “I think I know it when I think about it.” After that, Kim Kang-Yeol waited for Park Ji-Hyun to pour in the soju. Ga-Hyun Lee was bitterly looking at Cheon In-woo, who was drinking Kang Soju. Park Ji-hyun, who came back from the date, also kept her eyes on Cheon In-woo and made an unknown expression. 

Lee Ga-heon, who had strengthened his feelings about Cheon In-woo, said in a date with Jeongui-dong, “I realized it because it was the last date. “I saw it at the market yesterday. Would you like to go and eat peanut ice cream?” asked everyone in front of everyone who wanted to eat peanut ice cream. Chun In-woo hesitated to answer, and Kim Kang-yeol left. After thinking for a long time, Cheon In-woo asked, "Where's the market?" and accepted the date. Park Ji-hyun suggested to Kang-Yeul Kim to eat meat. 

Cheonanna asked Kim Kang-Yeul for a date. Cheonanna asked, "You have an appointment today? I couldn't play yesterday, so I tried to play today. I played with Jihyun yesterday, so I thought it would not be today. Let's eat meat with Jihyun and go to a cafe with me." In response to this, Kim Kang-Yeol was embarrassed, saying, "Will it happen? Can you set the time?" However, Kim Gang-Yeul visited Cheonanna again and canceled the promise to "go to Seoul and see," saying "I didn't think enough and replied." 

Cheon In-woo asked Im Han-gyeol to make a seat with Park Ji-hyun once again. Cheon In-woo said, "I didn't make an appointment with Kang Yeon after I made an appointment with Ga-Hyun in the public place. Actually, I wanted to go out with you today. So I know you have a promise, but I'm going to ask you again. If you hadn't said I would go, would you have asked Kang Yeol to go out?” I think I might have asked." 

The reason why he hesitated the answer was "It's hard to explain in words, but I'm not completely (disappeared) about my brother. It's hard to answer because my brother called me like this and asked me if he was in the promise." If I was in the middle of making an appointment, I think I would have asked (Kim Kang-Yeol).” After that, Park Ji-hyun, who left the office, was overwhelmed with sorry and Kim Kang-yeol watched it.

Chun In-Woo went out with Lee Ga-Hun. Lee Ga-heon said, "I'm sorry for my brother, but he never felt like I was going to spend time like that because he never went out with Jihyun." "Don't you?" After that, Lee Ga-heon confessed that he was attracted to Chun In-woo during his first meeting, and Chun In-woo also expressed his crush that he was "strange. "I didn't express it properly and I thought it would be a pity if I finished it. I thought a lot yesterday," he said. 

Kang-Yeol Kim and Ji-Hyun Park talked about what happened with Cheon In-Woo. Park Ji-Hyeon has all told honestly, but Kim Kang-Yeol refused to understand Park Ji-Hyun's tears. 

Jungui-dong returned to Seoul and asked Cheon-anna again for a date. Earlier, Jeong Dong-dong said to Im Han-gyeol, "I regret some of the actions I did. I think I might have been so uncomfortable that the person might have been uncomfortable. I was just thinking too much." "I was sorry because I thought I hated you from the standpoint of my brother," Cheonanna said. 

On the other hand, the love lines of the day were Cheon In-woo → Lee Ga-hun, Lim Han-gyeol → Seo Min-jae, Jeong-dong → Cheonanna, Kim Kang-yeol → Park Ji-hyun, Park Ji-hyun → Kim Kang-yeol, Lee Ga-hun → Cheon In-woo, Seo Min-jae → Lim Han-gyeol, Cheonanna → Kim Kang-yeol. 

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