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Heart Signal 3 Episode 11 Sub English Reviews

 Heart Signal 3 Episode 11 Sub English Reviews

'Heart Signal' Season 3 is still a hot topic apart from Kim Gang-yeol's assault power.

According to a report by Nielsen Korea, an audience rating survey company on the 11th, Channel 11 entertainment program'Heart Signal 3', which was broadcast on the night of the 10th, recorded 1.6% viewership rate based on the national paid households. This is no different from the previous 10 times 1.7%. The topic was still there. Immediately after the broadcast, the names of Kim Kang-yeol, of course, as well as Park Ji-hyun, Cheon In-woo, Lee Ga-hun, and Cheon-anna proved this by rising to the top of real-time search terms.

On this day, Park Ji-hyun, Kim Kang-yeol, Cheon In-woo, and Lee Ga-hyun enjoyed a double date at the bowling alley and formed a strange air current. On a first-come, first-served date where male performers apply to female performers, Kim Kang-yeol left a note to Park Ji-hyun. Another couple Seo Min-jae, Lim Han-gyeol, Jeong-dong and Cheon-anna enjoyed a double date at the billiard room.


'Heart Signal 3'kept both audience rating and topicality, but criticism was not avoided. On the 5th, it was reported that Kim Gang-Yeul was assaulted a woman A at a tavern in Gangnam, Seoul, four years ago. According to Mr. A, he apologized to the party with Kang Gang-Yeol, but another party approached and sweared abusive words. Kim Gang-Yeol insisted that he kicked his name. Because of this, Mr. A was diagnosed with 3 weeks of transposition, and Kim Gang-Yeul received a fine order of 2 million won.

Later, Kim Kang-yeol posted an apology on his Instagram. He said, "I was in a state of fertilization at the party, and it was in the process of drying." There was a physical conflict with the other party. At the time, I was overwhelmed to protect my girlfriend, and I made a mistake. I regret and apologize. I asked you to tell me to help you take the necessary steps, but I wanted legal punishment, although there were some opinions that it was a matter of both sides, I thought it would be better to close the case so that I didn't feel any deep regrets at that time and cause another inconvenience. He was fined," he said.

After the controversy, the crew continued broadcasting without any apology or editing of the cast of the problem. On the viewer's bulletin board, "Criminal Signal", "

Please handle the ex-mosaic mosaic" "If there are any issues, if there are issues even if it is difficult to edit, shouldn't we try?" The voice of criticism such as "Delete the screen of a female injured criminal" is rising.

The controversy of'Heart Signal 3'is not the first. Moreover, Kim Kang-Yeol is already a private controversy. An anonymous writer before the broadcast pointed out that he went to the club Burning Sun, and that some of the companions were charged with drugs. Cheonanna was a cast who was named as a perpetrator of school violence during her school days and was at the center of controversy. An anonymous writer is a remarkable criticism, and he opposes Cheon-anna's appearance.

Lee Ga-Hyun suffered from controversy over school violence. Lee Ga-Hun's anonymous writer, who claimed to be an elementary school alumni in China, shot Lee Ga-Hun by saying, "There aren't one or two schoolmates who were bullied when they were young. That Lee Ga-Hyun was a bullying leader and that he was a victim.

Afterwards, the production staff said, "It is possible that ordinary performers who are currently returning to work and school and living there can be irreparably wounded. We sincerely ask that the contents related to the performers be balanced." "I feel a heavy sense of responsibility for a number of controversial issues. I will do my best to create a program that does not meet expectations."

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