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Weekly Idol Episode 460 NCT DREAM - RAW Clips

Weekly Idol Episode 460 NCT DREAM - RAW Clips

Have you crossed the 'weekly idol' NCT DREAM line? SM presidential candidate Eun Hyuk-do

NCT DREAM captured the agency's president, Eun-hyuk Eun in 'Weekly Idol'.

Mr. Na, very satisfied

NCT DREAM made MC Laugh, show off his imagination, perfect military service, and witty talk in 'Weekly Idol', which was simultaneously broadcast on MBC Everyone and MBC M at 5 pm on May 20.

The NCT Dream visited the weekly idol as it grew. MC Eun-hyuk and Kwang-hee praised, "I was really tall, especially my legs seem to be getting longer." Then the NCT Dream trembled, saying, "I put down my pants to show a human figure."

Good, good, good! (Lion)

NCT Dream also held a 'Hold me' corner that recognizes each other's inner feelings. This corner is a game where you see a question written on a piece of paper and back-hug the member without revealing the question. The members asked questions such as 'A member who wants to love me more', 'A member who doesn't listen to my words,' and 'A member who wants to do this sometimes.' During this process, the revelation continued, and Haechan said, "Don't talk and think, let's think and talk" and turned the scene into a sea of ​​laughter.

Please give me music!

In the corner 'Otoke Song' for fans, NCT Dream also showed the appearance of an amiable craftsman. Jaemin, who listened to the members 'comments “enjoying aegyo,” received enthusiastic cheers from the members as a love song that surpassed the members' imagination. Eunhyuk praised, "The aegyo has crossed the line" while hugging Jaemin. Here, Jaemin's charm is not over.

'Random Play Dance' showed a completely different look. NCT Dream, who had a hard time right and left at the beginning of the corner, regained the image of a sword group with the encouragement of his company's senior, Eun Hyuk. NCT Dream, who succeeded in 'random play dance' with perfect choreography, was able to eat delicious desserts. Eunhyuk said, "This is SM's military affairs." Since then, NCT Dream has shown a variety of charms that cannot be normally seen through various couple games.

The intelligence is so cute

Even at the last greeting, the NCT dream was different. During the end greetings, Jaemin said that MC Eunhyuk is Lee Teuk and was embarrassed by everyone. Jae-min notices a mistake and kneels on the spot, and the members cry out. Eunhyuk encouraged his juniors to say, "It's okay," even though he said, "I'm over the line." "I will definitely come back to see you," said Jaemin.

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'Weekly idol' NCT DREAM, Past-grade aegyo-exposure-fashionable ... Legend renewed!

The group NCT DREAM will show off the historic otoke song at the 'Weekly Idol'.

NCT DREAM will appear on the 'Weekly Idol' that will be broadcast simultaneously on MBC Everyone and MBC M tomorrow (20th).

Recently, NCT DREAM, a group that showed down the 'global champion' with the new song 'Ridin', came to 'Weekly Idol'. The title song 'Ridin' (Riding) awakens the instinct of the listener's sprint with intense beats, and catches the eye of the soldiers with explosive energy.

On this day, NCT DREAM decorated the legend with the ‘weekly idol’ official love song otoke song. NCT DREAM, which usually engages in aegyo battles with members, showed off the sparkling otoke song confrontation, which devastated the scene. Among them, Jaemin transformed into a teacher, Mr. Otoke-song, and went on a 1 vs 1 express coach with members. MC Eun-hyuk, who watched this, admired, saying, "Jamin will go to the billboard with 'Otoke Song.'"

In addition, NCT DREAM, who showed extraordinary affection to put on a friendship bracelet, showed his inner feelings by transcending imagination at the 'Hugg me' corner. 'Hugg me' is a game where you see a question written on a piece of paper and back-hug the member without revealing the question. During the course of the corner, Haechan not only left the saying “Don't talk, don't think, think and speak”, but also created a new buzzword for NCT DREAM such as “Don't cross the line” and “I'm serious”.

Meanwhile, weekly idols are broadcast every Wednesday at 5 pm at MBC EveryOne, MBC M and Netflix.

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