Monday, May 18, 2020

Tomorrow by Together Episode 1 RAW

Tomorrow by Together Episode 1 RAW

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Tomorrow by Together, released the music video for the title song of 'Dream Chapter: ETERNITY'

The group Tomorrow by Together released a music video for the title song of the new album released today.

Tomorrow by Together (Subin, Fed, Bumgyu, Taehyun, Huningkai), the title song of the second mini-album 'Dream Chapter: ETERNITY' on the 18th at 6 p.m. … (Can't You See Me?) 'Music video.

'Dream Chapter: ETERNITY' is the debut album 'Dream Chapter: STAR', the first album followed by 'Dream Chapter: MAGIC', so the released video is the title song of the last 'Dream Chapter: MAGIC' It starts with the scene that appeared in the music video of 'Run Away'.

The members who went to play at Subin's house had a good time together, and the relationship was distorted as a slight mischief accumulated. In the unusual atmosphere, the five members' delicate emotions and the contrast between the members stand out.

The music video added a dramatic effect by expressing the moment when the friendship of the boys broke into the scene where the house was on fire. The sensational performances of the members spread against the backdrop of the fired house and the props of intense color, such as strawberries and tomatoes, provide a variety of attractions.

'The night the world burned, we ... (Can't You See Me?)' Is a trendy pop genre song that sings the confusion, fear, and loneliness of a friendship break in the face of a burning world after a magical moment. The unique sound that follows the confused emotions of the boys creates a rough and soft feeling, giving the opposite charm.

Tomorrow by Together, at 7 pm on this day, through the title of 'Tomorrow by Together Comeback Show Presented by Mnet', the title song 'Night of the World Burned, We ... (Can't You See Me?)' For the first time to release a new album stage

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